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It all began two decades ago with a simple and pure love of food that expanded into an obsession with nutrition.  A few years later I developed a fondness for fitness and maintaining a healthy balance in all aspects of life: mind, body—and yes—soul.  I fell in love with studying how foods and our overall lifestyle affect our propensity for disease, longevity and the list goes on…

I will always support a holistic approach to health: Finding and treating the root cause of ailments instead of an over-reliance on prescriptions or methods that don’t treat the problem itself.

When I eventually started planning for my own family, well after the age of 35, I quickly realized it was more intimidating that I expected.  There is so much “do this, don’t do that,” plus old wives’ tales about who knows what they actually do, but your girlfriend swears it worked for her.  I never bought into “advanced maternal age” being a roadblock, and neither should you.  This is where my passion for preconception and pregnancy came to life!

You can actually improve your egg quality at any stage in life pre-menopause.  You can increase your chances for conception naturally. And yes, you can even have healthier eggs at 40 than you may have had at 23.  Or maybe you haven’t taken the best care of yourself and it’s taking a toll on your hormones and fertility—we can change that too!

I care deeply about helping women maximize their chances to conceive naturally, and helping them stay active and healthy throughout the various phases of pregnancy.

But it’s much more than that.  I provide guidance on nutrition, managing your environmental toxins, supplementation, fitness, a healthy mindset, digestion, sleep and stress management throughout every stage of your journey.


Get To Know | kelsey

Favorite vacation:   Tulum, Mexico

Can’t Live Without:   Lip Balm

Most used kitchen appliance:   Vitamix Blender

Best Advice:   “Don’t let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace” – Dali Lama

Witness their energy but don’t engage with it.

Describe yourself in one Word:   Creative

Secret Talent:   I have a photographic memory when it comes to recipes

I help women just like you get clarity about making the best life choices to optimize fertility.  I also guide you through a lot of what not to do.  We will look at the 8 pillars, an approach I believe addresses transformation in all aspects of out lives—mind, body and spirit!

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