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Hey there, I’m Kelsey

I’m a fertility specialist & coach to women and couples who want to start a family.

From disordered eating and hormonal birth control to confronting cervical cancer and mold illness, my path to motherhood was far from easy. At 35, faced with scary diagnoses, an absent period, and multiple misdiagnosis, I leaned into my background in functional nutrition and holistic health. Determined to reclaim my fertility, I sought naturopathic care and embraced holistic strategies.

By 39, I joyfully welcomed my daughter into the world. Now, at 41, I’m expecting my second.

Driven by personal struggles and triumphs, I created ‘The Optimal Fertility Blueprint,’ my signature coaching program. It’s my pledge to redefine women’s reproductive care and empower every aspiring mama on their unique fertility journey – even if they have been told IVF is the only option!


The optimal fertility blueprint

Have you been trying to get pregnant and your sick and tired of the disappointment month after month?

Have you been told that IVF is your only option?

Then THIS is for you!

I have the blueprint that will get your hormones on the right page, optimize your ovulation, and kick your egg quality into high gear.

Let’s get to the WHY your not getting pregnant and correct the root cause. I create a personalized plan for you and provide the ongoing support you need.


the cycle code

For my ladies who want to get pregnant but realize sex-ed didn’t actually teach you ANYTHING except for how NOT to get pregnant, and who are ready to take their fertility knowledge to the next level with vital information about ovulation, conception timing, troubleshooting obstacles & confidently tracking it all for fast success on your conception journey!


Fertility unleashed


The game-changer your fertility journey has been waiting for: Fertility Unleashed. If you’ve felt lost in the maze of TTC, IVF, or infertility, this group program is your beacon to the next level of knowledge, empowerment, and support for your fertility journey.