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Feeling crushed under the weight of your fertility journey? I've been in your shoes, felt the maze of emotions, the uncertainties, and the overwhelming moments that come with this journey.

But here's the truth: you're not alone anymore. You've just found your guiding light, your personal cheerleader, and your fertility bestie all in one.

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From disordered eating and hormonal chaos to cervical cancer and mold illness, my path to motherhood was a battle. At 35, faced with scary diagnoses and misdiagnoses, I turned to functional nutrition and holistic health to reclaim my fertility. Against all odds, I welcomed my daughter at 39, and now, at 41, I'm expecting my second child.

My journey ignited a fierce passion to help aspiring mamas navigate their unique fertility paths. That's why I created 'The Optimal Fertility Blueprint' – a powerful program designed to redefine reproductive care and empower you to take control of your fertility, even if you've been told IVF is your only option.

No matter where you are on your path to motherhood, you're not alone. With 'The Optimal Fertility Blueprint,' you'll have the tools, guidance, and support to optimize your fertility, balance your hormones, and create the family of your dreams. Together, we'll prove there's no one-size-fits-all approach – just the perfect plan for you.

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Girl, it's time to get up close and personal with your body! We'll dive deep into understanding your unique fertility landscape, so you can navigate this journey like a pro.


Get ready for a wild ride of self-discovery and resilience. We'll uncover your one-of-a-kind fertility story and watch it blossom with hope and possibilities. It's gonna be beautiful!


Forget just surviving; we're here to thrive! Embrace your newfound strength and step into motherhood on your terms. You've got this, mama – let's create the life and family you've always dreamed of.


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Revamp your path to parenthood! Dive into our 'Audit Your Fertility Lifestyle' guide—a blueprint tailored for optimizing your habits, ensuring your journey toward conception is set for success.

Audit Your Fertility Lifestyle:

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Working with Kelsey has been an absolute game-changer for our fertility journey. My husband and I had struggled for years, feeling disheartened and overwhelmed by one unsuccessful attempt after another. The holistic approach not only educated us but also provided a personalized roadmap. Her insight into nutrition and lifestyle adjustments completely changed our perspective. Within months, we noticed significant changes—my cycle became regular, and the clarity Kelsey provided on stress management truly alleviated a major obstacle. Fast forward to today, and we're expecting our first baby. You were the missing piece that shifted our journey from struggle to success.

From Struggle to Success

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Initially skeptical about seeking fertility coaching, I was uncertain if it could truly address my concerns. However, you shattered my doubts. Kelsey's dedication to understanding my journey, coupled with her holistic expertise, was invaluable. One of my biggest hesitations was the fear of invasive treatments like IVF. Her approach not only provided alternatives but also empowered me with knowledge and confidence. Her tailored strategies and support transformed my view of fertility all together. I now embrace a more balanced lifestyle and I'm happily pregnant, and I owe it all to Kelsey's support and guidance.

I owe it all to Kelsey...

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I know fertility can be overwhelming, and it's tough to know where to start or how to keep going.

But here's the thing: you don't have to figure this out alone.

If you need help finding the right fertility program for your unique needs, I'm just a message away. I'm here to listen without judgment and guide you in a positive direction.

Together, with compassion and care, we'll find the perfect fit so you can move forward with confidence, hope, and a solid plan.

You've got this, and I've got your back.

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